David Greenland

Shi Xing Ao
  • 32 Generation Shaolin monk – Shi Xing Ao
  • Sifu, Red Sash Kung Fu – Murray’s Martial Arts
  • Sifu, Red Sash – International Gu Ping WuShu Federation
  • Sifu, Red Sash – Gin Long Tong (Golden Dragon Clan)
  • Sifu, Red Sash – World Organiser of Martial Arts Inc.
  • Sifu, Red Sash – Traditional Chinese Medicine & QiGong Federation
  • Tai Chi & QiGong Instructor – Tai Chi Healthways International
  • ASC Level 1 Coach – AKWF
  • Licensed Instructor – WOMA Australia

Sifu David Greenland, Shi Xing Ao, is a 32nd generation Shaolin Warrior monk & disciple of the legendary Grandmaster Shi De Yang of the Shaolin Temple China (The birthplace of Kung Fu).



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