Shi De Yang


31st generation successor of Shaolin Kung Fu, Grand master Shi De Yang is globally considered one of the greatest present exponents of traditional Shaolin culture.

Disciple of Venerable Shi Suxi for almost 30 years, Shi De Yang is one of the few Shaolin Masters of recent generations to have studied in a profound manner all “three treasures of Shaolin” (Chan, Wugong, traditional medicine). This traditional knowledge, aptitude to studying and teaching, exceptional martial abilities and philosophical vision have allowed him to have some of the more prominent roles in the Shaolin Temple, such as headmaster of the warrior monks.

Grandmaster Shi De Yang personally instructs Sifu David Greenland (Shi Xing Ao) at the Shaolin Temple and in Australia in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu as passed onto him by the temple elders.

Grandmaster Shi De Yang visits Emerald Dragon Martial Arts every 2 years, and students of Emerald Dragon Martial Arts have the opertunity to train at Shaolin in China every 2 years.

20150921 095834 - Shi De Yang
G4A6857 - Shi De Yang



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