Little Dragons

ages 4 to 6 The Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Little Dragons program is a detailed curriculum for ages 4 to 6 that focuses on improving focus, self-control, respectful attitude, balance and co-ordination, discipline, fun fitness, & stranger danger.

Kids Kung Fu

ages 7 to 10 Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Kids Kung Fu classes offer practical, responsible instruction for a program that is a blast for children. Our classes are fun, safe and high energy, plus, we specialize in powerful character development skills in a positive environment.

Youth Kung Fu

ages 11 to 15 The Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Youth Kung Fu program builds self-confidence, self-esteem, fitness while benefiting from a traditional Martial Arts system. Students learn affective self-defence and powerful life skills

Adults Kung Fu

ages 15 to 99 Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Adult’s Kung Fu program develops a sound mind and body. This art will enhance all aspects of your life. Physically, you will increase flexibility, coordination, agility, speed and stamina

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

all ages Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Tai Chi & Qigong training will assist students to calm the mind and body, lower blood pressure, increase flexibility by stretching the muscles and joints, reduce stress, improve digestion, help the immune system, improve balance and coordination, & increase the respiratory volume.

PRO Team

Emerald Dragon Martial Art’s PRO Team for performances and competition.


Lion Dancing

Emerald Dragon Martial Art’s Lion Dancing program teaching traditional Kung Fu lion dancing. Fun, friends, and fitness!

Black Belt Club

Emerald Dragon Martial Art’s Black Belt Club 



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