Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Youth Kung Fu – Ages 11 to 15

The ultimate way to Build Confidence, Self Defense, Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline, and Athletic Skills!

 Shaolin Kung Fu – Traditional Martial Arts training in a positive safe environment

Learn a fun, exciting, and challenging Kung Fu system that progresses through coloured sash levels to a Black Belt.

  • Increased Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Learn Effective Self Defence Techniques
  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Improved Self Control & Discipline
  • Increased Focus, & Concentration

12094957_939002396138271_4352566100579079175_oThe confidence that comes from making progress, the value of hard work, the true definition of self-discipline, a sense of self-worth, respect for themselves, others, and authority, increased physical health and fitness, time management skills, how to overcome procrastination, self-defence skills, the courage to say no to un-healthy peer pressure, a positive and healthy self-image, the direction to help deal with those “confusing years”, the ability to set and achieve goals, positive social interaction, & the ability to resolve conflict.

Through training in a traditional Martial Arts environment, children will learn Respect, Integrity, and Honesty. This will carry over into everyday life!


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