Shi DeRu and Shi DeYang - Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu has a 1500-year history and is considered the birth place of Chinese Martial Arts. Developed in the Shaolin monastery by monastic monks originally for health purposes. Shaolin monks practicing long sessions of meditation used Kung Fu to strengthen their bodies, maintain high levels of flexibility, and to cultivate Qi (vital energy).

Kung Fu evolved into a way of self defense for personal protection and security of the Shaolin Temple and its treasures. 

This famous martial art was created around 1500 years ago from ancient Qigong exercise practices. A prince named Bodidharma (Da Mo), travelled from India to the Shaolin Temple. He was turned away by the Shaolin monks as he was not Chinese. He meditated in cave for 9 years before being welcomed into the Shaolin temple to share his Chan Buddhism practices included the exercises and Qigong which were later developed into Shaolin Kung Fu.