Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi


Emerald Dragon Martial Arts is an authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Training centre dedicated to providing traditional Martial Arts tuition of the highest quality in a safe, friendly environment. We focus on developing life skills, Respect, Integrity, Honor, with a “never give up” attitude.

Our programs in traditional shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi (taiji), and Qigong, will expand your physical fitness and mental capacity, and spiritual aweness.

In my opinion, traditional martial arts practice empowers an individual with personal growth and development. Growth and development of the mind, body, and spirit.
It is not about personal gain, even though attainment of beneficial knowledge is instilled (life skills).
It is not about others even though practice with others is greatly beneficial. It is a personal journey shared with others on a personal journey.
It is not about competition of accolades, even though it can certainly used in competition.
It is not about being a fighter, even though it can certainly be used in battle.
With person growth and development through traditional martial arts practice, one can empower themselves with tools for a happier and healthier life both mentally and physically.
Continual regular practice of traditional martial arts is required as your mind, body, and spirit is continually changing. This is the course of nature, traditional martial arts follows nature “nothing is absolute, everything must change and develop”.
Amituofo 🙏🙏🙏
Shaolin disciple Shi Xing Ao (David Greenland)

Style of Martial Arts

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts practices authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, specialising in all three treasures of Shaolin Kung Fu – Wushu (Martial Arts), Zen (Mind), Yi (healing).

Authentic meaning “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine”


Emerald Dragon Martial Arts is approved and endorsed by the Grandmaster Shi De Yang of the Shaolin  Temple in China, the birthplace of Chinese martial arts.

Grandmaster Shi De Yang (31st successor of Shaolin Kung Fu) as a genuine and authentic branch of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu.

Owner & head coach of Emerald Dragon, Sifu David Greenland, is a Shaolin disciple under Grandmaster Shi De Yang. Sifu David Greenland’s discipleship ceremony was held at the Shaolin temple as a genuine 32nd generation Shaolin temple warrior monk. Grandmaster Shi De Yang gave him his disciple name Shi Xing Ao.

As a  Our linage is qualified at the Shaolin Temple, with David Greenland being inscribed on the official linage tablet next to the Pergoda of Shi Sui Xi in the Shaolin temples Pergoda forest.

Shaolin Tour Team

Sifu David Greenland hosts a team of students each year who travel to the legendary Shaolin temple. This unique opertunity includes training at Grandmaster Shi De Yang’s traditional Shaolin Kung Fu school, visiting the Shaolin temple, and experiencing the local culture.

Grandmaster Shi De Yang at Emerald Dragon

Every second year Grandmaster Shi De Yang visits Sifu David Greenland and Emerald Dragon Martial Arts. Students and family of Emerald Dragon can join the welcoming ceremony event and participate in training seminars conducted by Grandmaster Shi De Yang.

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