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Emerald Dragon Martial Arts

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts is an authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Training centre dedicated to providing traditional Martial Arts tuition of the highest quality in a safe, friendly environment. We focus on developing life skills, Respect, Integrity, Honour, with a “never give up” attitude. Our programs in traditional shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi (taiji), and Qigong, will expand your physical fitness and mental aweness.

Style of Martial Arts

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts is based on Shaolin Kung Fu, specialising in all three treasures of Shaolin Kung Fu – Wushu (Martial Arts), Zen (Mind), Yi (healing). Learn more about Shaolin Kung Fu


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Official tablet of Shaolin

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts is approved and endorsed by the Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu directly of the Shaolin Temple in China

Grandmaster Shi De Yang (31st successor of Shaolin Kung Fu) as a genuine and authentic branch of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu. Head coach in Australia, Sifu David Greenland, is a disciple of Grandmaster Shi De Yang being a 32nd generation Shaolin temple warrior monk (Shi Xing Ao). Our linage is qualified at the Shaolin Temple, with David Greenland being inscribed on the official tablet of Shi Sui Xi.

We are a Black Belt School of Excellence

Progressing through the ranks of Kung Fu (coloured sash and belts) our system provides an opportunity of a lifetime through practicing and developing posative life skills. To achieve a Black Belt in Martial Arts with Emerald Dragon Martial Arts one has;

  • Never gave up
  • Overcome physical pain
  • Managed stress
  • Faced their fears
  • Learnt enough to realise how little they actually know

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into one of our training centres.

A Black Belt is just a White Belt who never gave up!


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