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Your Journey Begins Here: Embark on a transformative journey with us. Booking your free trial class is the first step towards unlocking a fitter, more confident, and resilient version of yourself. With no obligations, come and see what makes Emerald Dragon Martial Arts the premier choice for martial arts in Penrith.

When you step into your first class with us, whether for yourself or for your child, rest assured that you’ll be warmly welcomed into a nurturing environment designed specifically for beginners. An experienced assistant instructor will personally guide you, ensuring a comfortable and supportive introduction to the art. Alternatively, you may join a group of fellow beginners, allowing you to learn and grow alongside peers who are at the same stage in their martial arts journey. At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, we’re committed to making your first experience with us positive and encouraging, setting the foundation for a rewarding journey ahead.

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