Little Dragons – 4 week trial


Join the Little Dragons program for 4 weeks of unlimited Little Dragons classes.

4 weeks classes

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A safe, positive, encouraging, disciplined environment

The Emerald Dragon Little Dragons program for ages 4 to 6 is a tradition martial arts program teaching Shaolin Kung Fu. At times Shaolin Kung Fu can be mistaken for Karate, as they do offer similar martial arts techniques.

The classes are also structured to provide an environment that encourages self-discipline, social discipline, and a way to develop focus.  We achieve this by incorporate meditation and breathing practices, which is a great tool for calming the mind and balancing emotion.

The Emerald Dragon Little Dragons program is designed to make exercise both fun and engaging. It has been developed to enhance early child development and focuses in areas such as physical fitness, coordination, flexibility and strength.

By enrolling your child in the Little Dragons Program you can be assured that activities they participate in will build confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude. We are not just teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, we pride ourselves in ensuring your kids have fun whilst teaching them life skills that can be utilised beyond our classes and incorporated into everyday life.