Sanda Kickboxing – ages 7 to 15 – 8 week course


NEXT COURSE STARTS: 1st week of May 2021
8 weeks classes, Free Kickboxing shorts & shirt, Free MMA gloves
Available Classes: 
Monday’s: 6:15 pm
Thursdays: 6:15 pm
Saturday’s: 11:15 am



Building confidence and strength

The Sanda Kickboxing program for ages 7 to 15 is a style of kickboxing which has evolved from traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. The term for this is ‘Sanda’. Our Sanda classes are high energy, fun, and focus on enjoyable fitness for kids.

Our classes are technique based for the purpose of personal development rather than building aggression and “over competitive” attitudes from being sports driven. If your child has expressed an interest in sports driven martial arts they may be more interested in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or Krav Maga.

The skills that we focus on in an 8 Week Course include:
* An introduction to martial arts movements for traditional Sanda kickboxing
* Learning different drills and exercises and establishing proper technique.
* Introduction to bag work, pad work and free form kickboxing movements.
* Focus on core physical development skills such as strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall body awareness.
* Focus on core mental development skills such as balancing emotions by providing an outlet and encouraging conscious awareness.

Emerald Dragon is a traditional martial arts centre that wants to instil values such as confidence, respect and honour. We want our students to leave our classes and carry these values into everyday life.

Our structured class environment provides a platform which promotes health and fitness, controlled self-defence, inclusivity and anti-bullying. We promote positive social interactions that also encourage our students to develop mental focus, self-awareness, responsibility and resilience.