Adults Kung Fu 4 Week Beginners Trial

$188.00 $99.00

* 4 weeks classes
* Free Kung Fu uniform
* Free Kung Fu shoes



Practicing an Ancient Art in a Modern World

The AdultsKung Fu 4-Week Beginners Trial is a traditional martial arts program designed to develop a sound mind and body. The Shaolin Kung Fu taught in these beginner classes originates from the Shaolin Temple with origins that date back 1500 years. At Emerald Dragon, we are teaching and practicing an ancient art in a modern world and we focus on fostering a general feeling of well-being and achievement

The skills that we focus on in a 4 Week Beginner Trial include:
* Traditional Kung Fu foundation training with a focus on correct and technique
* Introduction to Sanda Kickboxing
* Introduction to Self Defence
* Introduction to breathing techniques and meditation
* Improving and increasing flexibility, coordination, agility, speed, and stamina
* Improving and increasing the ability to focus, increase self-esteem, and boost self-confidence

The Shaolin Kung Fu ages 16+ 4-Week Beginners Trial utilises traditional training methods designed to develop a sound mind and body. At Emerald Dragon, the Shaolin Kung Fu we teach is both spiritually and physically intertwined. In order to develop the body, one must have the mental resilience to do this. Equally, one cannot rely on mental resilience alone, one must look after the body.

Emerald Dragon is a traditional martial arts centre that wants to instil values such as confidence, respect, and honour. Our structured class environment provides a platform that promotes health and fitness, controlled self-defence, inclusivity and anti-bullying.

At Emerald Dragon we want our students to enjoy our classes. We want our students to feel positive and confident in the knowledge that they have started a holistic journey designed to develop a sound mind and body.