Kids Kung Fu 4 Week Beginners Trial

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Join the Shaolin Kung Fu program for 4 weeks of unlimited BEGINNERS Kung Fu classes.
* Dedicated Beginners Class
* FREE Kung Fu uniform & Shoes
* Unlimited Beginners Classes



Empowerment for Mind Body Spirit

The Emerald Dragon Shaolin Kung Fu program for ages 7 to 15 is a tradition martial arts program. Sometimes it can be an overwhelming experience in choosing the right martial arts for your child, but at Emerald Dragon we are not just offering a fun and athletic sport, we are offering you so much more.

The Emerald Dragon Shaolin Kung Fu program for kids aged 7 to 15 is designed to make exercise both fun and engaging. Our Kung Fu program will also help parents instil honourable character traits, sound beliefs and successful habits.

We teach powerful life skills such as:
* How to increased self-confidence and self esteem
* How to master effective self-defence techniques
* How to improved physical fitness whilst still having fun
* How to improved self-control and discipline
* How to increased focus and concentration

We pride ourselves in delivering a course that promotes health and fitness, controlled self-defence, overall focus and self-awareness, whilst instilling values such as the importance of anti-bullying. Our classes are inclusive and encourages positive social interactions. We want your child to enjoy themselves, have fun and be excited about the next class.

The class is a mix of external and internal martial arts training. Classes focus on teaching traditional stances and drills, as well as teaching breathing, mindset, and meditation. We follow the traditional Shaolin methods of first training the body, learning the techniques, practicing the techniques, and applying them in a safe, fun, and disciplined environment.