The Emerald Dragon Lion and Dragon dance team gives our students the opportunity to learn these ancient spiritual art forms and perform at events and performances.

Lion and Dragon dance is a traditional performance best known as part of Lunar New Year (Spring festival) & moon festival. Associated with martial arts, the practitioners exercise strength in foundation stance and agility in movement whilst bring these mythological creatures to life. The spiritual representation is embedded deeply in Asian cultural beliefs and thus performances are common at weddings, business openings, martial arts ceremonies and performances.

Lion Dance – 2 persons per lion plus drum, symbols and gong

Dragon Dance – 10 persons per dragon

DSC 0241 - Lion Dancing

Ceremonial eye dotting

New lions undertake a “eye dotting” ceremony to awaken the Lion spiritually. The eyes, ears, horn or celestial eye, mouth, body, tail, and feet are “dotted” with traditional stamp ink. A ribbon is tied to the horn of the lion with incense for blessings, or spring onion for spiritual significance for long life. The lion usually awakens sleepy or dizzy then awakens with strong, agile movements making it’s presence known.

G4A6258 - Lion Dancing