For Richmond Kids Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes Seek Emerald Dragon Martial Arts

At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts we believe that our teaching can benefit everyone, no matter their age or fitness level, and we wish to welcome all to learn the discipline of Shaolin Kung Fu. We have crafted an authentic program which caters to all age groups and experience levels; our centre is one that maintains an atmosphere of family and unity. Join our community and begin an experience that can help you through the difficulties which are found both within one’s self, and those arising from external factors. You will be entering into an extended family who will be there by your side for every training exercise and during each sparring match.

Young Dragons

Our Richmond kids martial arts programs have been proven to help with one’s development and the more committed our students are to their training and teaching, the more they benefit from it. You will start to notice how our lessons can aid them in solving problems outside the centre as well as inside it. The Little Dragons program accepts students aged 4 to 6; with our teachers your child will learn to focus, control and balance their actions and feelings. Our lessons also provide opportunities for your child to develop their social skills as there are many other students to interact with. Next is our Kids Kung Fu course for ages 7 to 10; here we start becoming more serious about training and focus on performance and technique. The classes are taught by certified and experienced coaches who will demonstrate the Shaolin practice and teachings to all children in attendance. Watch how your child takes on these teachings and becomes more confident, developing an increased self-esteem with each class.

Continue with our Richmond Self Defense Classes

We go beyond just teaching Kung Fu, we want to help you to achieve your goals. At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts we want each and every student to do their best and get everything they can from joining our family. Our youth classes are for those aged 11 to 15; we provide all the essentials and ensure that each student receives quality attention. Our classes are fun, informative and an excellent workout. Our adult course is available to people from 15 to 99 and is taught by a master of Shaolin Kung Fu. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge and experience to the people of Richmond in our self defense classes, open to those who want to better themselves and their lives. Our methods of teaching utilise the same methods as those done by the creators of this material art, allowing for an authentic experience.

Contact us today and let’s start this journey together – we have the instructors, the safe practice areas and friendly students; all we need is your time and commitment. Our Richmond based martial arts classes are available for all who wish to learn the ancient way of the Shaolin.