Tai Chi and Kung Fu Classes in Windsor

Live a more balanced life with Tai Chi and Kung Fu lessons. Emerald Dragon Martial Arts offers a variety of classes for both youths and adults, each accenting a different set of benefits and life skills. Pursue empowerment for your mind, body, and spirit by exploring traditional martial arts in a safe and family-friendly setting.

Tai Chi classes in the Windsor and Richmond area

Tai Chi focuses on building greater control over your body more than simply burning calories. Improve your balance, alignment, and blood circulation by exercising deliberate motion. Tai Chi functions as a lower impact exercise that is suitable for those who suffer from joint issues or muscle pains but still strengthens your core muscles and back.

Although it is not aerobic and is not a sport, you will be building your body’s strength in a subtle way and improving flexibility. These factors make Tai Chi an ideal practice for adults and those recovering from muscle strains. Continue to build discipline and bodily strength without overexerting yourself. Tai Chi classes are available near Windsor and may be found on our timetable here.

Kung Fu is an active form of training and bodily discipline

Either on its own or as a supplement to Tai Chi, Kung Fu is an incredible form of training. Developed 1500 years ago in the Shaolin monastery, Kung Fu has always been practiced with health of body in mind. As it evolved, it gained a greater emphasis on self defense, which is why classes teaching Kung Fu are especially popular near Windsor.

Shaolin Kung Fu has three main areas of practice, which are also referred to as the three pillars of Kung Fu:

  • Chan – A term meaning the practice of Zen, which accents that Shaolin Kung Fu is a method of thinking as much as it is a method of moving. Meditation and compassion are key components to mastering this pillar.
  • Wu – Martial arts, including stance work and technique, 72 special skills, pressure points, sparring, grappling, and wrestling.
  • Yi – Healing arts, which focus on healing self and others. Qigong, acupressure, and TCM (or traditional Chinese medicine) are all fundamentals of this pillar.

Classes for all ages and needs

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts strives to provide options for everyone, regardless of their state in life or experience level. We know that everyone who joins our classes, for Kung Fu or Tai Chi near Windsor, is coming from their own unique place. We respect you by respecting your individual needs, and ensure that we have the right program for you.

If this is your first time considering martial arts, you may not know where you begin. And that’s completely normal and not at all a problem. We will work with you to review your fitness level and experience and will ensure that you wind up in the right class to get the most out of it without risking overextension or harm. Your health and wellbeing are central to our mission, so contact us today and let us begin your training.