Traditional Tai Chi & Qigong

Calm the Mind, Strengthen the Body, and Refresh the Spirit


Our 6 week beginners courses include basic movements of Tai Chi and Qigong. In the Shaolin Temple, these practices are referred to as Nei gong (internal arts).

As the body stretches out moving more freely, as the breathing becomes deeper and more regulated, as the mind becomes calmer and the concious aweness is more controlled, the internal energy circulation is promoted throughout the body. When this occurs the self healing and self presevation of ones own life force is activated.



Wed 3rd Feb / Sat 6th Feb 2021


Wednesday’s 7pm / Saturday’s 8am

COST: $149 (total for 6 weeks)

WHAT IS Tai Chi & Qigong?

These are practices that will passively strengthen and stretch the body whilst promoting the flow of internal energy calming the mind and awakening the spirit.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art of relaxation, healing and self-defense.  Its gentle and fluid motions are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability.  Tai Chi is widely practiced for stress reduction, energy enhancement, preventing illness, improving concentration, strengthening the mind and body, and slowing the effects of aging.  It is a natural solution for stress.