Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Penrith

At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Penrith, 

our Martial Arts programs, will expand your physical fitness, mental capacity, Self-defense skills and spiritual awareness.

Our training centre in Penrith facilitates a safe motivating environment to learn and practice. Our experienced professional instructors provide quality coaching & leadership.


Kung Fu – Shaolin Kung Fu, traditional martial arts of the Shaolin Warrior monks.

Sanda Kickboxing – Sanda Kickboxing is the sports combat of Kung Fu. 

Tai Chi – Traditional Tai Chi and Qigong are internal martial arts. Ancient practices for a modern world.

At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, our programs in traditional shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi (taiji), and Qigong, are developed to expand your physical fitness and mental capacity, and spiritual awareness. Our training centre delivers multiple programs suitable for any age, fitness level and ability. We guide our students and encourage them to undergo a personal journey which involves regular goal setting, progression in physical fitness and reflection of personal attitude. We focus on developing life skills such as respect, integrity, honour, and resilience. We believe that personal growth and development are an intrinsic part of traditional martial arts practice. In striving to master both, one can empower themselves with tools for a happier and healthier life both mentally and physically

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