Shaolin Kung Fu - Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu has a 1500-year history and is considered the birth place of Martial Arts. Developed in the Shaolin monastery by monastic monks for health purposes, Kung Fu developed into a way of self defense for personal protection and security of the Shaolin Temple.

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Shaolin Kung Fu is divided into 3 main areas of practice known as the three pillars of Shaolin Kung Fu.

CHAN – The practice of Zen. Shaolin Kung Fu is not just a way of moving, it is also a way of thinking. Chan includes such things as Meditation, but also the spirit of the practitioner. One who practices Chan practices and represents compassion and life values from the heart.

WU – Wu is the practice of Martial Arts. The Martial Arts includes;

  • Ji Ben Gong (Foundation Training) – Stance work, basic form, technique, and conditioning.
  • 72 Arts of Shaolin – 72 special skills
  • Dien Shu – Pressure point arts
  • Taluo (Forms / Patterns / Kata) – Set arrangement of techniques.
  • Sanda (Sparring) – The application of techniques. Sparring, china (Joint locking), Toi Sao (pushing hands), Chi sao (sticking hands), grappling and wrestling.

YI – Healing arts. The healing arts of the Shaolin Temple are famous throughout the world. This consists of the practice of self-healing and healing others. Qigong (energy work), An-mo-tui-na (Acupressure), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbal medicines.


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