Unveiling Our Legacy: Emerald Dragon Martial Arts and the Time-Honored Tradition of Shaolin Kung Fu


For over two decades, Emerald Dragon Martial Arts has been a steadfast presence in the heart of Penrith. As a family-run establishment, we take immense pride in sharing the profound teachings of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu with our community. In this blog post, we invite you to explore our rich history, rooted in the lineage of the Shaolin temple ancestors and guided by the wisdom of esteemed masters such as Grandmaster Shi Deyang and Great Grandmaster Shi Su Xi.

A Legacy of Two Decades

Since our establishment in 2004, we have been dedicated to preserving and passing down the ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu. What began as a passion project within our family has evolved into a thriving community hub, welcoming individuals from all walks of life who share a common interest in the timeless discipline of martial arts.

The Essence of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu, originating from the venerable Shaolin Monastery in China, is a holistic martial art that integrates physical prowess with mental well-being. At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, we uphold the authenticity of these ancient practices, ensuring that our students receive teachings that honor the profound legacy of the Shaolin warrior monks.

Training at Emerald Dragon

Our commitment to providing a nurturing environment is reflected in our tailored classes, accommodating different age groups and skill levels. We offer a comprehensive curriculum covering traditional techniques, including forms, self-defense, and sparring. Our instructors, deeply rooted in the Shaolin tradition, emphasize respect, discipline, and humility in every aspect of our training. Meditation and mindfulness practices are integrated, fostering not just physical strength but also mental fortitude.

The Instructors

At the core of Emerald Dragon Martial Arts is a team of dedicated and experienced instructors, each possessing a profound understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu. We consider ourselves more than teachers – we are mentors guiding our students on a transformative journey. Our passion for the art is a driving force, creating an atmosphere where students are inspired to push their boundaries and strive for excellence.

Our Lineage

Our connection to the Shaolin tradition is a source of pride. Through our lineage, we trace our martial roots to the Shaolin temple ancestors. Guided by the wisdom of Grandmaster Shi Deyang and Great Grandmaster Shi Su Xi, we carry the torch of this ancient art, preserving its authenticity and passing it on to future generations.

Community Impact

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts stands as a guardian of not only the timeless legacy of Shaolin Kung Fu but also a diverse array of martial disciplines that enrich the mind, body, and spirit. As we continue to shape lives in Penrith and beyond, our commitment to tradition and innovation remains unwavering, inspired by the teachings of the Shaolin temple ancestors and guided by the diverse arts we proudly cultivate.

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