Calm the Mind, Strengthen the Body, and Refresh the Spirit

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art of relaxation, healing, and self-defence. You may often find Tai Chi compared to other low-impact exercises like Yoga. The main difference is found in the execution. When practicing Yoga, there is a focus on holding poses and postures whilst incorporating breathing techniques. Within Tai Chi, the postures and forms are constantly evolving.  There are no pauses as the body moves and some people often describe Tai Chi as a ‘dance-like’. This is due to the controlled, fluid, and constant movement. 

STRENGTHENING THE BODY: As a form of exercise, Tai Chi combines gentle physical exercise and stretching with mindfulness. Continuous practice of Tai Chi can improve balance control, fitness, and flexibility. 

STRENGTHENING THE MIND: This is achieved by learning the foundations of both Qigong (energy work) and Tai Chi (moving meditation) 

REDUCING STRESS: This is achieved by learning the forms of Tai Chi (moving meditations) and incorporating specific breathing techniques that assist in calming the mind.

ENHANCING ENERGY: This is achieved by cultivating internal energy called “Qi”. Qi or chi – pronounced “chee” – is the energy flow created along the pathways that connect the acupuncture points on the body. Qi can stagnate or become blocked due to stress, anxiety, or depression. The best way to become unblocked is to start to move and listen to your body.

IMPROVING CONCENTRATION: This is achieved by learning to incorporate meditation during the forms – which will assist in clearing the mind and increasing conscious awareness 


Our 6-week beginners courses include basic movements of Tai Chi and Qigong. In the Shaolin Temple, these practices are referred to as Nei gong (internal arts).



Starts Wednesday 3rd August / 6th August 2022

Attend Wednesday 7pm, Saturday 8am, or BOTH!

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