What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is a term for Martial Arts. Kung Fu comes in many different styles. At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Penrith our style of Kung Fu is Shaolin Wushu (Martial Arts of the Shaolin Temple warrior monks). Kung Fu training includes body conditioning, technique training, technique practice, traditional forms, sparring, Sanda Kickboxing, Qigong, and meditation.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an internal Martial Art known for its slow flowing movements with bursts of speed and power (Fajing – explosive energy) in the advanced forms. Tai Chi practice includes Qigong (energy work) and is sometimes referred to as moving meditation. Although Tai Chi is a martial art, many practice Tai Chi for the amazing health benefits.

Do you have beginner’s classes?

Yes, we have beginner classes and can accommodate beginners of all ages and fitness levels.

Are the coaches / instructors experienced, qualified, and accredited?

Yes, our coaches are fully accredited, first aid qualified, child protection checked, qualifications checked and verified, properly insured, and abide by the National code of conduct for martial arts instructors.

Are the memberships a “lock in” contract?

All memberships can be cancelled at any time with a months’ notice.

What can I expect from my trial class?

Your trial class introduces you to Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Penrith, our training centre, your instructor and our staff, and of course the program of Martial Arts you are trialing.

What is the pricing structure for the classes?

All our martial arts program fees are a budget friendly payment made via fortnightly instalments.

Are the memberships a “lock in” contract?

No, all memberships can be cancelled at any time with a months’ notice.

What age do you need to be to start classes?

4 years old. Our Little Dragons program is specifically designed for ages 4 to 6.

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