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Emerald Dragon

Martial Arts

Emerald Dragon Traditional Martial Arts Training Centre is located in Jamisontown, New South Wales, Australia. We welcome students from surrounding students such as Penrith, Glenmore Park and Jordon Springs. At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, our programs in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi (taiji), and Qigong are developed to expand your physical fitness and mental capacity and spiritual awareness. Our training centre delivers multiple programs suitable for any age, fitness level, and ability. We guide our students and encourage them to undergo a personal journey that involves regular goal-setting, progression in physical fitness and reflection of personal attitude. We focus on developing life skills such as respect, integrity, honour, and resilience. We believe that personal growth and development are an intrinsic part of traditional martial arts practice. In striving to master both, one can empower themselves with tools for a happier and healthier life both mentally and physically. 

Emerald Dragon

Our Instructors

Our instructors have spent many years training under Owner and Head Instructor Sifu Greenland, encouraged by the philosophy: to teach is to learn twice. All of our lead instructors have travelled to the Shaolin temple in order to train at Grandmaster Shi De Yang’s school, Shaolin Martial Monks Reserve Team. In doing so, our instructors are not only focused on bettering themselves, they are also being the best role model for the Emerald Dragon community, their students, and are also representing authentic Shaolin Culture


in Shaolin Culture

Reciting the word ‘Amituofo’ is a significant part of Shaolin practice. We use it to greet and take leave of our masters, teachers, and also when interacting with our students.

We use it to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, and ‘great job’. We also use it before and after training sessions, as well as to open and close each boxing set (Chin.: tàolù 套路) we practice.

‘Amituofo’ is a reminder to one another that there is something to strive for beyond every-day life. ‘Amituofo’ is also a wakeup call – not to live this life in vein, not to engage in empty practice.

Shaolin disciple Shi Xing Ao

(David Greenland)

Owner & head coach of Emerald Dragon, Sifu David Greenland, is a 32nd generation Shaolin disciple of Grandmaster Shi De Yang. He possesses over 34 years of martial arts experience and specialises in the three treasures of Shaolin Kung Fu – Wushu (Martial Arts), Zen (Mind), Yi (healing). Sifu Greenland has a true passion for guiding students on their individual journey by introducing them to the authentic culture of Shaolin. Sifu Greenland believes that with personal growth and development built through traditional martial arts practices, one can empower themselves with tools for a happier and healthier life, both mentally and physically

A message from

Sifu David Greenland

In my opinion, traditional martial arts practice empowers an individual with personal growth and development of the mind, body, and spirit.

It is not about personal gain, even though attainment of beneficial knowledge is instilled (life skills). It is not about others, even though practice with others is greatly beneficial. It is not about the competition or accumulating accolades, even though it can certainly be used in competition. It is not about being a fighter, even though it can certainly be used in battle.

Learning Shaolin Kung Fu is a personal journey shared with others on a similar path. Regular practice of traditional martial arts is required as your mind, body, and spirit are continually changing. This is the course of nature – traditional martial arts follows nature: 

Nothing is absolute, everything must change and continue to develop

The above quote is based on the Yin Yang theory.

Amituofo, Shaolin disciple Shi Xing Ao (David Greenland)